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"At Trinity Telecom, we strive to keep things simple, easy to understand, and above all,
at a great rate."

Trinity Telecom.... About Us

If you are looking for great telephone and broadband rates, fabulous Customer Service, and helpful and straight forward approach, give Trinity Telecom a go....

At Trinity Telecom, we strive to keep things simple, easy to understand, and above all, at a great rate! Don't get caught up with red tape, or caught out by tiny Telco's.

Trinity Telecom has a fast paced innovative business model, and is backed by over 10 years of experience in the Australian Telecommunications Industry.

Whether you're looking for a service for your business, or just want to connect your home phone and internet, we've got something to suit your needs, and our dedicated professional team is always happy to help you improve your service at any time.

We listen to our Customers, and with changes to technology, we've rebranded with fantastic newly released offers that we are sure will excite and please YOU.

Please review our plans and get on board with Trinity Telecom.

Trinity Telecom is a part of Smart Business Telecom and a proud member of Telco Together Foundation. This is an example of Telco's giving back to the community.

Trinity Telecom - we've rebranded to make your life easier!


E-Bill Sign Up

No more waiting for the paper bill to arrive.
By choosing the Ebill option means you no longer have to wait for a paper bill via mail -the bill is generated automatically at the end of your billing cycle and appears in your email.


Direct Debit Sign Up

No need to log on as each bill is received! Conveniently set up direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card. Your monthly bill is automatically debited from your account/credit card, one less worry for you.

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