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Payment Methods

Pay your Bills via,

Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Instructions for a Direct Debit to be set on your account saves you the trouble of making cash payments over the counter, keeping track of issued cheques or breaking your schedule for making other arrangements. In a private agreement to debit only the amount required to settle your monthly invoice, a direct debit confirms the receivers' identity, formalizes payment dates and freezes the account from where the payment will be transferred. Ensure sufficient account balance is available.

Direct Debit

Pay Online

Make your payment directly via the WESTPAC Secure Payment Gateway by visiting the Online Payments window on our website. Simply key in information linked to your account into their relevant fields as displayed in the user friendly interface. Proceed to enter the payment amount and the email ID where you'd like to receive your receipt. Continue following the payment instructions to successfully conclude your transaction round the clock anytime of the year. Privacy is guaranteed.

Direct Debit


You can conveniently use your Debit or Credit card to make a payment while talking to us. Our highly skilled staff is trained to assist you every step of the way and will provide a WESTPAC transaction ID and receipt number. A friendly voice makes sure that you're at ease during the call while the ID and receipt authenticates your transaction to be retained for future reference. A surcharge applies for successful card transactions.

Direct Debit


Accepts direct payments from the user through their participating financial institution on behalf of us through phone banking or directly online. Logon to the BPay portal by inputting the required information linked to your account followed by the unique reference number and biller code printed on the tearaway portion of your bill. Prompts appearing on your screen will take you through in completing a payment successfully. Mode of payment can be chosen and credit times vary with different participants.

Direct Debit


If you're looking to pay the good old way, this is the option. Walk-in, during office hours to any of our 3200 service branches thought the country nearest to your location and simply pay over the counter. To further save time and avoid queues locate a branch which has Self Service kiosks. Payment can be completed upon scanning the barcode printed on the tearaway portion of your invoice and contains the details of your account. Always remember to carry this portion when making payment in person.

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